Serbia’s health care system is (again) worst in Europe

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According to a research conducted for the European Parliament, Serbian health care system is at the last, 35th place. Health care system is valued based on availability, quality and speed of health services. Illustration European Health Consumer Index awarded health care in Serbia 451 points, out of 1,000. For example, the Netherlands has been awarded with 870 points. Otherwise, Serbia was valuated the worse twice in a row – in 2012 and 2013. “It is obvious that we did not take this seriously, that we did not work adequately on improving the health situation in Serbia,” said Berislav Vekic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health. According to Dr. Drasko Karadjinovic, the reason for the last place in Euorope are not finances, because as he said, Serbia invests more money into health care than Albania, Romania and Bulgaria, which were rated better. “The essence of the fight against corruption is the fight against systemic corruption, because “small” corruption is only a consequence of the systemic one,” said Karadjinovic. Provincial Ombudsman Aniko Muskinja Hajnrih said that citizens did not report corruption, but they did complain on call centers and waiting lists. “One of six categories that were rated is prevention, we have to work on prevention, as well as the quality and availability of health services. The situation with waiting lists is also very bad,” said Danijela Stankovic Boricak, Assistant of the Provincial Secretary for Health. According to the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Berislav Vekic, waiting lists, in addition to overtime work and employment are segments of corruption.